Picky, picky

Picky, picky

At Flawless Lashes the health of our client’s natural lashes is something we hold in very high regard. But I do realize that while eyelash extensions are virtually weightless, sometimes the feeling of having “something there” can actually lead someone to pull off or pick at their eyelashes. This activity comes in varying degrees from just pulling on a few that are grown out, to a serious condition called trichotillomania (which is the act of pulling out one’s hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc).

I understand about this desire, because I have been known to pull on or pick at my eyelash extensions. Generally it is a mindless activity that can happen while watching a movie or surfing the web; quickly something that started off as “just feeling” the lashes can result in removal of quite a lot of extensions. Or sometimes the person is very present in the moment, enjoying the feeling of sliding that extension off.

Generally it is obvious when a client has been picking her lashes, as there is normally damage to the natural lash. Over time this can cause irreparable harm to the natural lash. If you do find that wearing extensions does cause the urge to pick or pull, by all means let’s talk about it. There are ways to help the problem, whether it be moving to a lighter weight extension, applying shorter lashes, or just figuring out what the trigger of pulling is to help avoid it. Sometimes having a “zero tolerance” policy when touching lashes (other than cleaning them) really helps avoid the spiral of a lash picking session.

I want all my clients to not only have amazing Flawless Lashes eyelash extensions, but happy, healthy natural lashes as well.

To read about trichotillomania please go here: