Image: Eyelash Extensions at Flawless Lashes


Eyelash Extensions at Flawless Lashes in Atlanta, GA are faux lashes that are applied to one single natural eyelash at a time. Your natural eyelashes are able to move, grow, and shed as if you have nothing on them.

Flawless Lashes give you eyelashes that no amount of curling, mascara, or strip lashes could ever achieve, yet they are undetectable and feel weightless. Flawless Lashes stay on 24/7, even through work outs and swimming. They are soft, natural, non-damaging, and flat out gorgeous. No one will know they aren’t yours, but will wonder how they are so amazing!

At Flawless Lashes our primary focus is the health of your natural eyelashes. We pride ourselves on applying eyelash extensions that are appropriate in length and weight for your natural eyelashes to healthily support, long term.

Every single photo on our website is of our work, and has zero mascara on it. We encourage you to view our Photo Gallery, which includes examples of classic lashes, volume lashes, and ultimate volume lashes.

You can also have beautiful lashes every day, and never need to apply mascara! Contact us today for booking.