Client of the month April 2012

Client of the month April 2012

For April I would like to share our fantastic client Taylor with you. Taylor started off over a year ago as so many clients do; coming in to get lashes for her wedding. She had previously been getting them in another state, and wanted to keep them going for the wedding. Once you have Flawless Lashes, you cannot go without!

Every time she comes to her appointment her lashes are nice and clean, with many extensions still perfectly in place. When I asked Taylor about her Flawless Lashes she had this to say:

What I like about my lashes is that I feel as if they accentuate my eyes. I am constantly getting compliments so that reassures me that they look really natural. I just think they make my lashes more luring!

As for my routine…I gently wash my lashes in the shower every night with baby shampoo (I simply transferred the shampoo into a travel pump. I use two pumps). Afterwards, I blot them off and apply Revitalash eye lash conditioner to the base of my lashes. If I wore heavier eye makeup that day and need some reinforcement I’ll also use Xtreme lashes eye makeup remover (after the shampoo).

Take a look and see just how beautiful Taylor’s lashes are, totally flawless! 🙂