With eyelash options to fit every client, Flawless Lashes has the perfect customized lash look for you. In our safe, relaxing eyelash extension process, single strands of eyelash extensions are applied to one natural eyelash at a time, the result is longer, fuller looking lashes, that feel very natural. Everyone will wonder how your lashes are so amazing, but they will not know they aren’t your own!

All of our extensions are applied using the highest quality, softest, lightweight silk eyelash extensions. Contact Us today with any questions.

Classic Eyelash Extensions Atlanta


One single extension is applied to one isolated natural eyelash

Full Set$295

Touch Up 2 Weeks**$85

Touch Up 3 Weeks**$95

Touch Up 4 Weeks**$110

Volume Eyelash Extensions Atlanta


Multiple strands of up to 4 extremely soft, fine extensions are safely applied to one, single isolated natural eyelash, allowing us to create luscious volume.

Full Set$365

Touch Up 2 Weeks**$110

Touch Up 3 Weeks**$120

Touch Up 4 Weeks**$135

Full Volume

For the client who wants a little more than natural, yet not full on glamour- our Full Volume eyelash extensions are the best of both worlds. Soft, hand made fans of up to 6 very fine extensions are applied to each of your isolated eyelashes.

Full Set$ 415

Touch Up 2 Weeks** $130

Touch Up 3 Weeks**$150

Touch Up 4 Weeks**$155

Ultimate Volume Lashes Atlanta

Ultimate Lashes

Multiple strands of up to 8 extremely soft, fine extensions are safely applied to one, single isolated natural eyelash. Ultimate volume is for special occasions when you want the extra WOW factor!

Full Set$465

Touch Up 2 Weeks** $150

Touch Up 3 Weeks** $175

Touch Up 4 Weeks** $200

Lash Lift and Tint

Lash Lift and Tint

Natural eyelashes are gently and permanently curled and tinted for a subtle, yet noticeable look. Perfect option for anyone who would like to enhance their lashes without extensions. Results last an average of 6 weeks.

Lash Lift Only$95

Lash Lift & Tint $135

Tint Only $40


Best Brows Atlanta

Brows and Face

Our professional brow services can help make your brows look polished, clean, natural, or bold. Any additional facial hair you would like removed is also an option with our specially formulated wax.

Brow Shaping$30

Brow Tinting $30

Brow Shaping & Tinting $55

Chin Waxing $18

Upper Lip Waxing $15

Full Face Waxing $78

** Please note that due to extreme variations in application standards, we do not touch up over lashes from other salons. Please schedule a full set, and we will offer a removal of other lashes.