Best Brows AtlantaOur professional brow services can help make your brows look polished, clean, natural, or bold. Our brow specialist has 11 years experience and will customize your brow experience utilizing tweezing, waxing, and our special customized brow tints to bring out the absolute best in your brows.

Waxing allows us to remove all the hairs needed to get your brows looking as clean as possible. Our specially formulated wax works beautifully on sensitive skin, alleviating the issues of pain and redness that most other waxes can cause.

Tweezing is part of your brow shaping experience as it allows us to get your shape as precise as possible, highlighting your beautiful shape.

Brow Tinting can give the illusion of more, fuller brows by tinting barely there hairs, and all the rest to give your brows a redefined, youthful look. From natural tinting, to bold tinting, our specialist will customize your tint color to be in harmony with your hair, eyes, and skin.

Brow Shaping and Tinting combined is our most popular service, and results last about 4 weeks.

Any additional facial hair you would like removed is also an option with our specially formulated wax:
Upper lip
Entire face

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