How to have full, thick eyelash extensions

How to have full, thick eyelash extensions

Many clients prefer the look of a very full set of eyelash extensions. The more the better! Today, let’s go over how to maintain your eyelash extensions to keep them that way.

A full set of lashes is achieved in 2 ways, diameter of eyelash extension, and number of eyelash extensions applied. The diameter of extension is determined by the condition of your natural lashes. If someone has baby fine natural lashes, they cannot support a super thick diameter extension. I do have clients with extremely fine lashes, that find using a product like revitalash or latisse helps their natural lashes gain the strength needed to wear extensions that they could not otherwise.

Now, as for amount of lashes applied, during your initial appointment for a full set, I apply as many lashes as I can possibly get on within that 2 hour time frame. My average is 85 lashes per eye(LPE) in a 2 hour period. That is an average, and can go up or down depending on the person’s natural lashes, as well as factors like, how still the person can be during application.

So let’s say client gets set of lashes put on at 85 lashes per eye. At this point, the client can do several things to maintain this set.

1. Come to touchup appointment before you are down to less than 50%. If you think of it as a mathmetical equation, 85 LPE in 2 hours, if client comes in for an hour touchup appointment with 25 LPE left, she will not be at 85 LPE again at the end of the hour.

2. Come to your appointment on time. If you are 15 mins late, that is 15 minutes less of lashes you are getting! I try my best to go over if at all possible, but cannot guarantee availability.

3. Come to your appointment with squeaky clean lashes. I would much rather be putting on lashes during the appointment, than cleaning eyeliner.

This is your appointment, and I want you to get the most out of it!

In addition to these steps, if you have not, please look at some basic FAQ on how to care for your lashes here:

I want all my clients to have the most dramatic, beautiful lashes they could ever want, so following these steps helps us both to achieve it!