Flawless Lashes client of the month!

Flawless Lashes client of the month!

I consider myself very fortunate to have a wonderful supply of clients who are interesting, fun, talented, caring, and just all around great women. (I have yet to have a male client, but maybe one day! 🙂 ) So I thought why not showcase one of my clients each month?

For the month of March I want to share my client Sandy with you. Sandy has one of those dynamic personalities that makes you feel like a good friend from the minute you meet her.

Not only does she have wonderful sons who are talented athletes, Sandy also has the admirable spirit of someone who can be a hospice nurse. She is around so many people in difficult situations, but still maintains a fun, happy, incredibly positive outlook. She is truly an inspriration.

As far as Sandy’s eyelash extensions go, she likes ’em long, thick, and GLAMOUROUS! When she first came to me for lashes, she actually had a couple quite large gaps in her natural lashes. She had tried everything, different mascaras, stopping use of the eyelash curler, anything, and everything, but these gaps would not fill in. We chalked it up to hormones, and I did my best to give her the lashes of her dreams. It took alot of fancy footwork to get the gaps filled in, but they looked nice. We decided to then give Revitalash a try, in addition to her not using mascara anymore, and her lashes have completely filled back in. Now I am able to give her the lush, sexy lashes she was desiring, and then some! Just take a look, and yes her eyes are so pretty and blue! 🙂

Here’s what Sandy has to say about her lashes:

“I love how my eye lashes look, how they make me feel pretty and put together all the time ( even if I don’t have time to put my makeup on) and the compliments I get on how my eyes look (and no one can tell that I do not have mascara on). And as you know, your lash extensions have given my own lashes a chance to grow.”

Sandy’s original before and after:

And her final after the lash rehab, using revitalash: